We offer design solutions for vertical thrust and guide bearing assembly configurations for applications such as vertical turbine pumps, vertical generators and vertical motors and also specific applications such as vertical coal crushing machineries, vertical heavy duty rolling mills etc. These bearings can be either vertical thrust alone or combination of both thrust and radial/guide bearings. The thrust bearings are tilting pad type and the radial guide bearings can be either plain sleeve or tilting pad type. The thrust and the radial pads are centre pivoted tilting pad type and allow for bidirectional rotation. The bearings can be either self-contained with water or oil cooled type or can be externally lubricated type.


Lubrication type

The VB bearings are designed for two types of cooling. Self contained water cooling or circulating oil cooling through an external lubrication system. Water cooling is provided using our standard Cupro-Nickel wire wound cooling coils. On specific requirements cooling coils can be made of titanium and stainless steel.


Temperature Measurement

Bearing assemblies can be supplied with RTD’s for accurate measurement of the thrust pad, journal pad & oil bath temperatures.